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Dustless Blasting

For Offshore Maintenance


Because our process suppresses the dust plume, others can work nearby unhindered, keeping your productive and profitable. Workers will also stay safe — read about Dustless Blasting and OSHA compliance.

Since no static electricity or ignitable sparks are produced, Dustless Blasting is safe for oil rig platforms. It can even be used on live pipelines, so you can continue running as normal. Finally, because the process is so efficient, it uses far less abrasive and water than any other method, meaning less material to transport to and from the offshore platform. 

Wok In Compliance With OSHA!


Blast while they work.

With Dustless Blasting, containment is incredibly easy, and in some cases, not needed at all. Nearby workers can continue unaffected, keeping you productive and profitable. 


No shutting down.

Dustless Blasting will not affect your day to day operations. The ability to perform offshore maintenance quickly and efficiently without having to shut down plant operations is invaluable.


Safe and eco-friendly.

Keep your workers safe and stay OSHA compliant by using Dustless Blasting. Unlike dry blasting, the process does not produce ignitable sparks, static electricity, or a huge plume of dust.

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