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Sunstate Dustless Blasting is a mobile abrasive blasting surface preparation company serving Florida.


Dustless blasting is a quicker, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly method of removing unwanted coatings and can be used to fully restore the appearance of concrete, masonry, or metal. Sunstate’s process removes paint, epoxy, adhesives, tar, calcium stains, mildew and much more.


The Dustless Blasting technology solves many problems in many different industries that it is rendering traditional sandblasting obsolete.


When it comes to power washing and painting Sunstate is one of the most eco-conscious companies in the region. Our 280-degree steam clean process gives you a deeper more noticeable clean! We use recycled water making it eco-friendly and safe.


Additionally, Sunstate is certified in lead abatement. A lead remediation contractor or lead abatement contractor can develop and execute a plan to permanently remove lead paint from a building, home, or structure.


If you have a need for abrasive blasting, painting or power washing, Sunstate is happy to serve our clients with the utmost professionalism and will get the job done to our strict specifications.



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